Consultant (Mienhardt)

  The Meinhardt Group is an international multidisciplinary firm providing consultancy services globally. The group commenced operations in Australia in 1955 and in Asia in 1974. Maintaining 21 permanent offices throughout Australia, Asia, UK and USA, the Group's projects are spread over 36 countries and a number of them have world ranking.

Employing highly reputed architects, engineers and managers, the Group brings its expertise and experience in large-scale, high-class residential projects to Pakistan.

The Meinhardt Group is driven by the needs and requirements of its clients. Yet, those needs and requirements are not always obvious and may not become apparent immediately. It is the Meinhardt belief that an innovative, enquiring approach can accommodate and address such challenges.

Since 1955, the Meinhardt Group has led the way in delivering dynamic, creative and cost-effective solutions. They utilize the latest technology, the best available talent and adopt the most effective management techniques. Yet their most significant achievement has been the creation of an environment where initiative is encouraged and excellence rewarded.

It is this differentiator that gives the Meinhardt Group a decisive edge.

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