Community Services

  It is envisioned that the residents of Golden Palms will come together as one big family. To encourage and foster community development, Golden Palms will have a community centre, a town hall and the Golden Palms Club. The first two are located in the centre of the community for easy access by all residents while another club will be located in tourist area. The community centre will be run by residents' committee to ensure that it responds to the changing needs of the community which it will support.

The parks and playgrounds interspersed across the length and breadth of the community will serve to provide for the outdoor recreational needs of the residents. Each quadrant will also have a Jamia Mosque to cater to the community spiritual needs.

In addition, Golden Palms will have its own club situated in the tourist area of the estate. GoldenPalms will offer international standard sports and leisure activities to the residents.